Discipleship Groups

Small groups, home groups, cell groups, discipleship groups – whatever you know them as, they are groups of people from church who meet together. Usually in homes (although some meet in church), often once a week (although some less regularly), some are based around a specific demographic, but most are open to all and all meet to support one another in their walk with God; which is why we call them Discipleship Groups – growing more as a disciple of Jesus.
Each of our groups have their own character because they meet the needs of the people meeting in that group, whilst always having the Word of God and prayer as foundations.  As the groups are small (8-14), members are able to look out for each other and often are the first to become aware of individual concerns or help that’s needed – in many ways they are the frontline and provide that first level of care within the group.
When they meet, groups usually study the Word of God together, sometimes based on books/study guides, DVDs or online resources and will also spend time in prayer.  There’s also time for sharing over refreshments; and lasting friendships develop as they know that others stand with them as they go about their daily living.

Thinking that you might like to join a group?

We have boards at each of our congregations giving an overview of each group, how full each group is and contact details for the group leaders.  Or contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a Discipleship Group; remember that group leaders are happy for you to ‘try them out’ and then decide!